Bread Loaf Teacher Network

Welcome to the Working Site of the Bread Loaf Teacher Network.

The Bread Loaf Teacher Network supports teachers who want to collaborate with each other, their students, and Bread Loaf faculty to think, read, and write about about literature, ideas and issues. BLTN members are engaged with their students in intellectually rich, locally meaningful conversations and inquiries across difference that lead to cultural understandings and social change.

This site showcases some of the current work of the BLTN and provides a common work space for participants and partners. Below is a brief explanation of this site's contents. For a more comprehensive overview of the BLTN and its role within the Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English, visit the Middlebury Bread Loaf site.

  • Bread Loaf NextGen Leadership Network introduces the latest network initiative with funding from the Ford Foundation Youth Opportunity and Learning.
  • Andover Bread Loaf (ABL) provides a window into the current events in the 30-year collaboration between the Bread Loaf Teacher Network and the local, national and international work of Andover Bread Loaf.
  • NCHOYouth provides glimpses into the ongoing work of youth ambassadors in the Navajo Community Health Outreach project, an active BLTN collaboration.
  • VT-BLTN provides a portal into the work of the Vermont Bread Loaf Teacher Network's project, "What's the Story?"project.
  • KY-BLTN collects key links for the active Bread Loaf Teacher Network cohort in Kentucky.

Questions? Contact Tom McKenna, BLTN Director of Communications.